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Moving Mason Forward:

In January 2016, Mason Matters Board of Directors voted to act as the Backbone Organization to support and facilitate collective impact. This collective impact model was branded "Moving Mason Forward". Essentially, it's a a plan of work derived from the Community Health Assessment. This assesment involved all community sectors and the result was the "CHIP" which stands for Community Health Improvement Plan - Moving Mason Forward where seven priority areas were identified. These areas were chosen because of their collective negative affect on wellness and quality of life for residents in Mason County. Research shows that communities who identify common objectives and align their activities using shared measures, can produce sustainable, longer lasting change for all residents.

In partnership with Public Hospital District #1 (Mason General Hospital and Family of Clinics), Public Hospital District #2 (Belfair and North Mason area), and Mason County Public Health (MCPH), Mason Matters will be connecting organizations who may or may not be working together, guiding them to use their common objectives to develop shared measures, and facilitating collection of the data. Data collection is the final, most important piece of this model. MCPH has been instrumental in leading the way to obtain InSight Vision software and training staff to develop strategy maps for all seven priority areas.

With InSight Vision's ability to collect data across the priority areas, we can make access to real-time, locally accurate data a reality. will serve as your "One Stop Shop" for data around community wellness and improved quality of life. But we won't stop at data, we plan to share video testimonials of efforts that have made a difference in the community. We want to hear your story, please don't hesistate to contact R. Jeanne Rewhaldt, Executive Director to share your successes or barriers to making changes in any of the priority areas.


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