• Mason Matter’s Americorps members partnered with the Pioneer Community to start a Community Food bank committed to providing food that supports health.
  • Mason Matter’s Americorps worked with Mason General Hospital to create a community space for community’s youth to start a ‘small farm’ that supports formerly homeless youth engaged the HOST Home Program.
  • Mason Matter’s partnered with various stakeholders invested in various water quality issues to develop the first Report on the health of our water resources.
  • Mason Matters partnered with the Dental Coalition to build a community dental clinic that addressed the needs of our uninsured and underserved adult and children populations.

Mason County At-a-Glance

Commercial shellfish areas are getting healthier.

Smoking rates stubbornly hover at about 25%.

More individuals are living in poverty.

Current Work

Now Hiring Executive Director
Mason Matters is looking for a new Executive Director who is passionate about making meaningful differences in the Mason County community.

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My Dream, My Plan. WE can do it!
With the support of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ‘Road Maps to Health,’ Mason Matters is launching a career and college readiness initiative. The goal is to increase educational attainment levels.

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Bridge to Prosperity
With the support of a Community Foundation of South Puget Sound grant, Mason Matters is partnering with the community to change the way we invest community resources so more individuals are moving across the bridge to self-sufficiency. Mason County is adopting the successful “Mobility Mentoring’ model developed by the Crittenton Women’s Union.

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Moving Toward a Healthier Future Mason Matters is working with Mason County Public Health and Mason County Public Hospital District #1 to develop a community-development health improvement plan. Mason Matters facilitated the community process to identify Strategic Health Priorities

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