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"Moving Mason Forward" is the campaign to create a culture of health and wellness in Mason County. Essentially, it's a a plan of work derived from the Community Health Assessment. This assesment involved all community sectors and the result was the "CHIP" which stands for Community Health Improvement Plan - Moving Mason Forward- where seven priority areas were identified. These areas were chosen because of their collective negative affect on wellness and quality of life for residents in Mason County. Research shows that communities who identify common objectives and align their activities using shared measures, can produce sustainable, longer lasting change for all residents.

  • Promote, market, and share programs and resources
  • Provide technical assistance to establish common goals and shared measures for data collection
  • Collect and disseminate local data and information
  • Inform the community to increase awareness of local issues
  • Coordinate new partnerships among existing providers
  • Establish collaborations and coalitions
  • Secure funding for priority community initiatives
  • Help build the capacity of existing community resources
  • Carry the needs and voices of Mason County to larger regional discussions.

We are a healthy communities initiative that was convened in 1998 through the support of Mason General Hospital and Mason County Health Department. Under the visionary leadership of Steve Kutz, Director of Mason County Health, and Bob Appel, CEO of Mason General Hospital, community leaders came together to provide the leadership and carry out the vision of Mason Matters. Board members represent the business, social and human service, education, health care, local government, and citizen stakeholders in Mason County.

For more information, please contact:

R. Jeanne Rehwaldt
Executive Director
Mason Matters
Cell: 360-490-3599
Office: 360-427-9670 ext 543

(Updated: January 2016)